Continued professional development of the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s workforce is vital to the performance of its mission and ultimate success. e-Learning at UMB, is an excellent resource for knowledge and skills to enhance existing strengths and develop new skills from practical experience and relevant learning. Through e-Learning at UMB, faculty and staff can access thousands of courses. This library of learning experiences can be accessed from any computer via the Internet at any time. The goal is to support faculty and staff in reaching their professional goals with numerous opportunities for continuous learning offered by the University, especially those offered through e-Learning.

Log In to e-Learning

To register for e-Learning

Simply send an email to e-Learning@umaryland.edu, indicating:

  • Whether you are an UMB employee, affiliate, corporate or FPI employee;
  • Your legal first and last name; and
  •  Employee ID

Registrations are processed within two business days after receipt in Human Resource Services. You will receive your login credentials via email. Upon receipt of your login credentials you may begin using e-Learning.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to discuss how e-Learning can best assist you with meeting your organizational goals and objectives, please feel free to contact us at 6-7355 or e-Learning@umaryland.edu.